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      Hunuo carefully weigh every detail, to promote the implementation of product differentiation!

      Equipment | Hot pressing compound edging machine

      This kind of equipment is used for bonding and compounding PVC, leather and other skin with plastic framework, and covering the skin flanging around the framework. It is mainly used for compounding and edging automobile interior parts, such as door armrest, upper framework, plug-in, glove box, dashboard trim strip, etc., and the two processes are completed in one equipment

      Successful Projection:
      Audi A6(C8) upper frame
      Audi Q5 high configuration handrail
      Audi Q6 handrail
      Audi BSMV upper frame
      Hongqi D058 handle plate

      Interior | Door panel

      Audi Q2 door panel

      Part name:Door Panel

      Brand: Audi(FAW-VW)

      Vehicle type:Q2

      Process: Injection molding, Vacuum compounding, Pressure compounding, Foaming, Sewing, Automatic binding, Ultrasonic welding, Punching, Assembly, Electrical Inspection, etc

      Surface fabric: PVC

      Body: PP / PE, PC / ABS, etc

      Engineering case

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      Company profile

      Foshan Peguform is a wholly owned part by Changchun Peguform. We followed FAW-VW to build a company in Foshan in 2012,and formally produced in February 2014.

      VisionBecome a truly technology-driven company!

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